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Pumpkin Inspired Hoop Earrings

November has arrived, and so has a new fall inspired jewelry design! Create a festive pair of autumn earrings in just a few simple steps.



  • STEP 1: Take one of your hoop earrings and hold the hoop with both hands, allowing the loop to face up towards the ceiling. Gently open the earring like a jump ring (DO NOT pull apart the hoop or you will risk destroying the circular shape of the earring) and slide one of your 5mm Margarita 3700 beads in Tabac onto the hoop with tpumpkin-hoop-earring-tutorial-2he UN-FOILED SIDE facing the loop end of the earring . Next, add the 14mm Swarovski Strass Octagon pendant in topaz. Now slide on another one of your 5mm Margarita 3700 beads in Tabac with the foiled side touching your octagon pendant.Repeat the same step with your other crystal pendant and earring hoop.
  • STEP 2: Now that your crystals are on the earring hoops, you need to bend the open end of the hoop up so that the earrings can close. To do this, grab your flat nose pliers and place them directly on the open end, and create a 90 degree angle with at least 5mm of the hoop.

crystal-hoop-earring-tutorial hoop-earring-tutorial

That’s it! For more DIY beading and jewelry making, visit our Pinterest page and follow @jbcbeads on Instagram!

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Try the same design with 8mm Swarovski Crystal Margarita 3700 beads in Crystal Volcano!