Wire Wrapped Bangle Tutorial

Materials (for one bangle)

  • STEP 1: Using your scissors, cut out the bottom of your paper cup. place your hand into the cup, and mark where your knuckles hit the bottom end of the cup. This will be your guide for creating the correct size bangle.
  • STEP 2: Using your 2 meter length of wire, begin wrapping your wire around the cup wire-wrapped-bangle-tutorial-step-2at the point yo
    u had marked in step one, making sure to leave an 16 inch tail of the other end of the wire. Wrap around the cup 4 times, making sure that the layers of wire stay stacked upon each other so that they are all the same length.
  • STEP 3: Carefully take the bangle off of the cup, making sure that you keep each of the wraps the same length. Using the short end of the wire, tightly wrap around the bangle three times, keeping each coil close to the other.wire-wrapped-bangle-tutorial-photo-step-3
  • STEP 4: String one bead on the short end of the wire, bend into place so that the bead is facing outwards and flush against the bangle. Tightly wrap the
    short end of the wire around the bangle one time, to secure the bead in place.
  • STEP 5: Using the same short piece of wire, wrap around the space between the bead and the bangle three tiwire-wrapped-bangle-close-upmes, or as many times needed to cover the wire beneath. Leave enough wire so that  you can wrap two more coils onto the bangle (on the side of the bead that on
    ly has one coil so far). Make sure the final coil has the end of the wire facing outwards, and is as flush as possible to the bangle to prevent snagging or scratching.
  • STEP 6: Keeping in mind that there should be three beads evenly distributed along the bangle, estimate where the next bead should be wrapped, and proceed to wrap three tight coils in that spot with the remaining length of wire.
  • STEP 7: Continue the same procedure until all of the beads have been wrapped onto the bangle.banglesdiy-wire-wrapped-bangles-promo-photo

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