Pantone® Spring 2017 Color Palette

Pantone® has released their top 10 colors for Spring 2017, and they are composed of a beautiful selection of both earthy and vibrant hues. These colors are reminiscent of the transformative season of Spring, and pair perfectly with a variety of gemstone beads and Swarovski® crystal. We hope you find these colors as the perfect inspiration for your Spring 2017 jewelry designs!

  • Primrose Yellow
    • Gemstone
      • Citrine
      • Pineapple Jade
      • Walnut Jasper
    • Swarovski Crystal
      • Citrine
      • Jonquil
  • Pale Dogwood
    • Gemstone
      • Rose Quartz
    • Swarovski Crystal
      • Vintage Rose
      • Silk
  • Hazelnut
    • Gemstone
      • Rainbow Hickorite
    • Swarovski Crystal
      • Crystal Golden Shadow
  • Island Paradise
    • Gemstone
      • Larimar
      • Aquamarine
    • Swarovski Crystal
      • Mint Alabaster
      • Light Azore
  • Greenery
    • Gemstone
      • Peridot
      • Canadian Jade
      • Chrysoprase
    • Swarovski Crystal
      • Peridot
  • Flame
    • Gemstone
      • Carnelian
      • Red Aventurine
      • Sardonyx
    • Swarovski Crystal
      • Fire Opal
      • Hyacinth
  • Pink Yarrow
    • Gemstone
      • Pink Agate
      • Rhodochrosite
    • Swarovski Crystal
      • Fuchsia
      • Ruby
      • Indian Pink
  • Niagra
    • Gemstone
      • Angelite
      • Dumortierite
      • Sodalite
    • Swarovski Crystal
      • Montana
      • Indian Sapphire
  • Kale
    • Gemstone
      • Moss Agate
    • Swarovski Crystal
      • Morion
  • Lapis Blue
    • Gemstone
      • Lapis Lazuli
    • Swarovski Crystal
      • Capri Blue
      • Dark Sapphire

Fall Color Inspiration

Embrace the beautiful colors of fall in your jewelry by using this October Leaves Color Palette. Whether you enjoy using stone, seed beads, or Swarovski Crystal beads, this color palette serves as the perfect inspiration for color coordinating your fall jewelry line. We’ve matched the colors shown with the associated gemstone and Swarovski Crystal beads we offer at below this photo.


Dark Purple / Burgundy

Red Crimson

Orange / Rust

Yellow Mustard

Olive Green

Gemstone Jewelry Inspiration: Pantone Colors 2016


Over at JBC Beads we are head over heals in love with the new Pantone colors for 2016! Serenity and Rose Quartz just scream “spring jewelry,” so we’ve paired up a few different varieties of semiprecious gemstones, Swarovski crystals, & freshwater pearls inspired by these two gorgeous colors.


Rose Quartz (well, this one was rather obvious) & Angelite

Swarovski Crystals: 

Rose Water Opal 5301 Bicone & Air Blue Opal 5301 Bicone

Rose Alabaster 5601 Cube & Light Sapphire 5601 Cube

Rosaline 5810 Crystal Pearls & Light Blue 5810 Crystal Pearls

Freshwater Pearls:

Light Pink Irregular Potato Pearls & Blue Big Hole Potato Pearls

Share your #serenity and #rosequartz creations using products on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest and tag @jbcbeads!

Happy beading!

JBC Beads